Reinforced Concrete Opening At 3 Meter Depth


HYDRO ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION PLANT PROJECTS, OVERSEAS. The task was to cut/remove concrete structure for servicing embeded steel pipe at 3 meters deep and not to disturbing steel pipe. This job had to finnish within limited time. The position of steel pipe was in confine space which heavy machinery such as hydraulic breaker can not be reached and also prohibitted. The job was performed with equipments which carried in by human. We has finnish the whole operation within 5 days with satisfactory result.






                                                                                           WORK METHOD


ABOVE : Cutting back side (of intended opening) by Stitch core drilling , and lift up concrete by splitter(picture showed pre drilling for concrete splitter).


ABOVE : Cut vertically on left and right side of Intended opening with diamond wire cutting machine.

ABOVE : Lift up separated concrete by assistance of concrete splitter.

ABOVE : Removed concrete (which covered steel pipe). Not making ant damage to steel pipe.


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